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Dear PIPOBOOK friends! 

Did you know that PIPOBOOK is not just an ordinary website? On PIPOBOOK, you'll find FREE online children's books in as many as 15 languages, allowing all children around the world to enjoy reading. All you need is an internet connection, how cool is that? 😊

At PIPOBOOK, we believe that every child has the right to read, whether you live in a big country or a small village. That's why we write our books with lots of love and offer them for FREE on our website. No matter where you're from, we want you to enjoy exciting adventures and beautiful stories too.

We're convinced that stories possess superpowers! They can make you dream, discover new things, and make you feel like you're truly the protagonist in a fantastic story. By sharing our books for FREE, we hope that all children around the world will feel happy and joyful.

You can also ask mom or dad to read the story before you go to sleep. We want to create many fun stories so that sleeping is enjoyable and calming for children. Make every evening special by enjoying a cozy time together with your mom or dad!

The best part? Our books are completely FREE! You don't need to pay anything, and there are no weird rules. Just read and have fun!

So, let's go on an adventure together with PIPOBOOK and discover the wonderful world of stories. Are you in?

With love,