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The Happy Mountain.

Once upon a time, there was a mountain that always smiled. It stood there, high above the green valley, with its snowy white face in an eternal grin. The people from the nearby village called it "The Happy Mountain."

The Happy Mountain loved living close to the village. It saw children playing in the fields every day, old happy men sitting on a bench, and women laughing together while doing laundry by the river. The Happy Mountain felt connected to them all.

One day, a young girl came to the top of the mountain. "Why are you always so happy?" she asked curiously of the Happy Mountain.

The Happy Mountain smiled even wider. "Because I feel the joy of this village," he said. "When the people here laugh, I feel happy too. And when I laugh, they become happy too. It's a mutual thing, you see?"

The girl nodded. She looked out over the valley and saw the houses, the trees, and the river. "I think I want to be a little like you too," she said. "Always happy and connected to others."

The Happy Mountain winked. "You certainly can be," he said. "It starts with a smile. Give it a try."

And so it began. The girl smiled at the flowers, the birds, and even at the old men sitting on the bench. And the Happy Mountain smiled along with her.

It was the happiest Happy Mountain and the happiest village in the world.

But, as every village grows, this village grew too. More people were drawn to the joy and kindness that the Happy Mountain radiated, and soon it became a bustling town.

Do you want to be as happy as the Happy Mountain? Then start with a smile and always be kind and grateful. Be a true friend, just like the Happy Mountain!