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The Handkerchief with Mysophobia.

Wolly was a special handkerchief. He was made to wipe runny noses, but he had a big problem: mysophobia. Every time he got near a runny nose, his eyes started to tremble with anxiety.

On a cold winter day, Wolly ended up in Mr. Snuf's pocket, along with many other dirty handkerchiefs. Mr. Snuf had a cold, and his nose was leaking like a faulty tap. Wolly didn't feel comfortable. He wanted to stay clean and fresh, but here he was, surrounded by snot and mucus.

"What should I do?" squeaked Wolly to the other handkerchiefs in the pocket. "I can't stand all this snot!"

But the other handkerchiefs laughed at him. "Oh, stop being so dramatic," said Grandma Handkerchief. "We're made to catch snot. It's what we're meant for."

Wolly nodded, but deep down, he felt miserable. He didn't want to get dirty because he had mysophobia. He wanted to stay clean and white. So, he decided to overcome his mysophobia.

Every time Mr. Snuf blew his nose, Wolly held his breath. He wiped away the snot and folded himself neatly. He thought about flower-filled meadows and clear mountain streams to distract his mind from all that snot.

One day, something extraordinary happened. Mr. Snuf took Wolly out of his pocket and looked at him. "You're a faithful handkerchief," he said. "Always clean and tidy."

Wolly beamed with pride. He accepted that he was a handkerchief and therefore made to catch snot. But he wasn't just good at catching snot; he was also good at preserving his own purity.

And so, Wolly lived happily ever after, without ever fearing snot again. He understood that sometimes it's more important to be clean on the inside than on the outside.