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The Bird with Four Wings.

Flits was a tiny bird that was different from all the other birds. He had four wings instead of two. When Flits was born, people thought he would never be able to fly. His wings were too heavy and awkward. His parents tried to comfort him and said he was special, but Flits just wanted to be like the other birds. He wanted to fly through the air and feel the wind.

Flits decided to learn how to fly, no matter how difficult it was. He practiced every day, from early in the morning until late at night. He hopped from branch to branch, flapped his wings, and tried to soar upward. But he couldn't do it. He kept falling down. The other birds laughed at him and called him a failure. Flits felt sad and angry, but he didn't give up. He knew he could do it if he just tried hard enough.

One day, while Flits was practicing, something special happened. He felt a tug on his wings. He looked up and saw a big eagle soaring above him. The eagle had noticed Flits and was curious. He had never seen a bird with four wings before and decided to help Flits. He said to Flits, "You have a special gift, boy. You have four wings, while most birds only have two. You shouldn't see them as a burden, but as something good. You can fly faster and higher than anyone else, if you learn how to use them."

The eagle taught Flits how to move his wings simultaneously to use them properly. He taught him how to take off, glide, dive, turn, and land. He taught him how to use the wind to fly faster. He taught him how to maintain his balance and regulate his strength. Flits listened carefully and followed the eagle's instructions. He practiced and practiced and practiced. And slowly but surely, he began to fly.

Flits was very happy. He could finally do what he had always wanted. He could fly through the air and feel the wind. He could see the world from a different perspective. He felt free and joyful. He thanked the eagle for his help and asked if they could be friends. The eagle agreed and said he was proud of Flits. He said Flits was a unique and brave bird. He said Flits lived up to his name.

Flits flew back to his nest, where his parents were waiting for him. They were surprised and happy to see that Flits could fly. They hugged him and congratulated him. They said they loved him and were proud of him. Flits told them about the eagle and how he had helped him. He said he had made a new friend and that he was happy.

The next day, when Flits went flying again, he met the other birds who had laughed at him. They looked at Flits in amazement. They couldn't believe he could fly. They saw him flying faster and higher than they could. They saw him doing all sorts of tricks in the air. They saw that he was having fun. They were jealous and ashamed. They realized they had judged Flits wrongly. They realized they had underestimated Flits. They realized they had hurt Flits.

They flew to Flits and apologized. They said they regretted their behavior. They said they admired and respected Flits. They said they wanted to congratulate and compliment Flits. They said they wanted to play with Flits. Flits was surprised and confused. He didn't know what to say. He looked at the eagle, who was flying beside him. The eagle nodded and smiled. He said to Flits, "It's up to you, boy. You can choose to forgive and accept them. Be proud of who you are. Always be grateful for what you have. You have four wings, and that makes you special."

Flits thought about what the eagle had said. He decided to forgive and accept the other birds. He decided to play and share with them. He decided to be kind and friendly. He decided to be himself. He decided to be proud of who he was. He decided to be happy with what he had. He had four wings, and that made him special.

And so Flits lived happily ever after, with his friends, his family, and his mentor. He flew through the air, with a smile on his face and a song in his heart. He was a bird with four wings, and he was happy.