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Ants Teach People

A happy and peaceful group of ants lived in a large and exceptionally beautiful forest. They always worked together as a team. They shared everything with each other, helped each other in need, and respected their queen. They had a motto: "Unity is strength".

One day they discovered a strange device near their nest. It was a machine that could enlarge or shrink things. The ants were curious and decided to investigate it. They climbed onto it and pressed a button. Suddenly, they became as big as humans!

The ants were surprised, but also happy. They thought they could now learn more about the world. They decided to go on an adventure and meet the humans. They hoped that the humans were also kind and cooperative.

But when they reached a city, they saw something very different. The people were busy, hurried, and rude. They argued, fought, and stole from each other. They polluted the air, the water, and the ground. They had no respect for nature or for each other. They had no motto, or maybe they did: "Every man for himself".

The ants were shocked and saddened. They didn't understand why the humans lived like this. They wanted to help them become better. They thought they could teach the humans how to cooperate well, just like the ants.

They decided to start a school for the humans. They invited the humans to attend their classes. They told the humans about their life as ants, how they helped each other, how they solved problems, how they honored their queen. They showed the humans how to communicate, organize, and coordinate. They taught the humans their motto: "Unity is strength".

At first, the humans were surprised and afraid, but soon they became interested and enthusiastic. They listened to the ants, asked questions, and participated. They learned a lot from the ants and began to change their way of life. They became kinder, more helpful, and more respectful. They argued less, produced less waste, and had more fun. They started to take care of nature and each other. They adopted the ants' motto: "Unity is strength".

The ants were proud and happy. They had helped the humans to cooperate well. They had made the world a little better. They decided to return to their nest and share their experience with the other ants. They said goodbye to the humans and thanked them for their attention. The humans thanked the ants for their wisdom and promised to remember their lessons. They waved to the ants and shouted their motto: "Unity is strength".

They climbed back onto the machine and pressed another button. They became as small as ants again. They were happy that they could contribute to the unity of the humans.