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Goudy, the Brave Goldfish.

Goudy was a courageous goldfish who lived in the sea. He loved all the animals in the sea and enjoyed swimming around, making friends with everyone.

But not all the animals were as friendly as Goudy. Sometimes the big fish, the lobsters, the crabs, and the squids would argue with each other. They all wanted to be the boss in the sea, and they would yell and fight with each other.

Goudy found this very upsetting. He wanted everyone to be able to live in peace. So every time he saw an argument, he would quickly swim over. He would talk to the animals and try to calm them down. He would tell them that they were all important and strong in their own way. He would say that they could work together better than they could fight. He would show them that they had more in common than they thought.

Goudy was very good at speaking. He used beautiful words and funny stories. He made the animals laugh and think. He showed them that they could respect and appreciate each other. He helped them solve their problems and apologize to each other.

The animals were impressed by Goudy. They thought he was brave and wise. They listened to him and followed his advice. They became kinder and more peaceful with each other. They thanked Goudy for his help and called him the peacemaker of the sea.

Goudy was happy that he could help the animals. He felt useful and loved. He continued to swim around and make friends with everyone. He enjoyed the harmony in the sea. He was a courageous little goldfish and a true hero.