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The Clever Donkey.

Dobby was a funny little donkey. He had a big head and a small body. He lived in a small village with his mother and his brothers and sisters. Dobby loved to learn and read, but sometimes he found school a bit challenging. The other animals often teased him and said mean things, like he was dumb, lazy, and ugly. They thought he would never achieve anything in his life.

Dobby felt very sad, but he didn't give up hope. He wanted to prove that he was smart and hardworking. Every day, he studied his books and did his homework. He listened carefully to his teachers and asked lots of questions. Dobby dreamed of becoming a teacher himself and helping other donkeys.

One day, Dobby got a very special opportunity. There was a competition for all the schools in the area. The best students from each school could participate in a game where they would be asked questions about all the things they had learned. The winner would receive something very beautiful to further their education.

Dobby really wanted to participate, but the principal wasn't immediately convinced. He thought Dobby wouldn't be as good as the other animals. He thought of other animals, like a clever fox, a wise owl, or a swift rabbit. But Dobby begged him to give him a chance. He told him that he had worked very hard and that he knew everything that was in the books.

Eventually, the principal agreed, but he warned Dobby not to be sad if he didn't win. Dobby thanked him and promised to do his best. He went home and studied even harder. He practiced everything he had learned and even did exercises with his mother.

The day of the competition arrived. Dobby went to the big hall where the game would be held. There he saw the other players. They were all bigger, faster, and stronger than he was. They looked at him a little meanly and laughed at him. They said he didn't stand a chance and that he should just give up.

Dobby felt a little nervous, but he didn't let himself be scared. He went to his place and waited for the questions. The game began. The questions were about things like why the sky is blue, how many legs a spider has, which animal falls asleep in winter, and much more. Dobby knew all the answers! He quickly pressed the button and gave the right answer. He was faster and smarter than the other animals. He had the most points and won the game!

Everyone in the hall was surprised. No one had thought that a donkey would win. Dobby was overjoyed. He had made his dream come true! He received something very beautiful to further his education. He studied hard and became a great teacher. He taught other donkeys and inspired them to learn and grow. Dobby was respected and loved by everyone. He was smart, diligent, and beautiful. He was Dobby, the donkey who became a teacher.