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The Sun and the Moon Became Friends.

The sun and the moon were always far apart. The sun shone during the day, and the moon glimmered at night. They didn't know each other well and thought they had nothing in common. The sun found the moon too cold and too pale, while the moon found the sun too hot and too bright.

But one day, something extraordinary happened. There was a solar eclipse, and the moon came between the sun and the Earth. For a few minutes, they were very close to each other. They could finally see each other, and they were surprised. The sun saw that the moon wasn't as dull as he thought but full of craters and mountains. The moon saw that the sun wasn't as arrogant as she thought but full of spots and flames.

They began to talk and discovered that they had a lot in common. They both loved the stars, the planets, and the Earth. They both played an important role in people's lives. They both dealt with clouds, storms, and seasons. They realized that they weren't so different but could learn a lot from each other.

They decided to become friends and visit each other more often. Sometimes, as the sun set, the moon would already rise. Sometimes, as the moon waned, the sun would linger a little longer. They greeted each other with a smile and shared their stories. They became the best of friends, and people called it the golden hour.