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The Little Rabbit and the Piano.

Once upon a time, there was a little rabbit who loved to play the piano. He had a beautiful piano that he took everywhere with him. He dreamed of becoming a famous pianist and playing for many people. But there was a problem: he lived in the desert, where no one else was. He was very lonely and sad.

He traveled long and far, but he found no one. He saw only sand, rocks, and cacti. He began to lose hope.

But then he saw something glittering in the distance. He hurried towards it and discovered that it was a big city. He was so happy to have finally found people. He drove his cart to the city center, where there was a large square. He set up his piano and began to play. He played with all his heart because he wanted to impress the people.

And impress them he did. The people were amazed when they saw the little rabbit playing. They had never seen anything like it. They came closer to listen. They found his music beautiful. They started clapping and cheering. They gave him compliments and money. They asked him to play more. They wanted to be his friends.

The little rabbit was so happy that tears came to his eyes. He had finally realized his dream. He had become a famous pianist and made many friends. He decided to stay in the city and continue sharing his music. He was no longer lonely and sad. He was the happiest rabbit in the world.